Called the most reliable and economical SUV

Назвали самые надежные и экономичные внедорожники

Savings and reliability are concepts which are almost opposite in meaning, but not in the case of SUVs. Today on our roads you can find cars that feature enduring character and moderation in spending. Wondering what SUV is most fuel efficient and reliable, the rating of the cars that are destroyed and will not fail their owners, reports “Autocode”.

Hyundai Terracan I

Hyundai Terracan is a great option for those who dream of a cool SUV, but a jeep is not enough. “Korean” controls the petrol engine of 3.5 liters or diesel engines of 2.5 and 2.9 litre Petrol consumes 14 liters on the highway. It’s a bit in this volume. Diesel is less “greedy”. 2,5 consumes 9 liters on the highway, and 2 9 – 11 l on each “hundred”.

When purchasing, pay attention to the serviceability of the motor. If there are problems, will have to pay. After 100 thousand miles be prepared to replace lifters high-pressure pump and injectors.

Nissan Patrol (Y61)

“Nissan patrol” – still one of the most economical and reliable SUV. The model has a rich range of engines working on diesel and gasoline. Three-liter turbodiesel with manual transmission consumes of 8.8 l on the track, and the most powerful of the petrol – 4.8 l – spending of 14.3 liters of fuel for every “hundred”.

With proper use “patrol” rides with no problems more than half a million kilometers. He had not killed the engines and the eternal box. Most striking is the durability of the brake discs, they go over 300 thousand miles and more. Replacement may require brake line, as the family quickly rot, as well as suspension bushings (after 20-30 thousand km).

Ford Escape restyling I

“Escape” is available with petrol and diesel engines. The most fuel-efficient car is the version with the engine of 2,3, which is coupled with front-wheel drive consumes 9 liters in the city and 7 liters on the highway.

The machine is reliable and steady on sharp turns: it held up fine for the asphalt and controlled at high speed. The owners note that the car starts even at a temperature of -27 degrees in the winter and not gets stuck on the blurry roads in the summer.

However, on the secondary, despite the fact that every other instance is “clean”, high risk of running into a problematic car. The third “Escapes” were involved in an accident, one in five is sold with twisted mileage, registration restrictions, and twisted mileage.

If you take, won’t have problems with details. Spare parts for the legendary “American” available in the showrooms or at least they can be ordered from dealers.

Toyota Land Cruiser 100 (facelift 1)

About “Kruzak” in the service say: “Boring machine”. Works with it – only oil changes, brake pads and filters. Thanks to the durability and low maintenance costs prestige SUV can rightly be called the most economical.

“Kruzak” forgiving of their own errors during operation, but likes to be fed decent fuel and watched as the main components. Once or twice a year you need to change rubbers and gaskets that fail under the weight of the machine.

Under the bonnet of the Land Cruiser 100 is the petrol engine of 4.7 l or diesel engine of 4.2 liters. Latter consumes an average of 11-12 liters on the highway, and 14 l in the city. Gasoline “appetite” more. Motor with automatic transmission consumes 18 l in city and 13 on the highway, and with manual transmission – 16 l in town and 12 on highway.