Called the probable date of the debut of the new Porsche 911 Turbo

Названа вероятная дата дебюта нового Porsche 911 Turbo

The long-awaited sports car could appear before the public in two versions with motor power up to 640 HP.

Since the debut of the new generation Porsche 911 has been more than a year, and now the family includes almost all standard models, except for the most powerful and fast – those that wear the prefix Turbo. Their tests lasted almost since the premiere of the current generation sports car, and now it seems that Porsche is ready to put an end to the protracted process.

According to the publication Autocar, the company will show the coupe in modifications Turbo and Turbo S in three weeks at the Geneva motor show. Rumor has it that sports cars will provide one of two 3.8-liter supercharged opposition, but if the Turbo version it will be able to develop 570 HP, the Turbo S to the output of the motor will rise to 620 HP, which is quite a significant addition.

Moreover, it can be even more impressive: according to Road&Track version of the Turbo S can boast of from 640 “horses”. It is expected that the new “nine one one” will be slightly heavier than its predecessors, despite the lighter body. However, it can be expected that innovations in exercise “acceleration to hundreds of” easy to go from 3 seconds.

Both versions will receive the eight-speed robot and all-wheel drive system, and the older will get more polnopravnym chassis, and carbon-ceramic brakes with 20 – and 21-inch wheels, and maybe a set of differentials with electronic control.

After the premiere of the 911 Turbo Porsche, is expected to bring to the market version of the sports car in a body “Targa”, as well as the hardcore GT2. And it is possible that in Zuffenhausen will complete the project of hybrid “nine hundred and eleven”.