Called the product that slows the aging

Назвали продукт, который замедляет старение

Scientists from the United States called food product can significantly affect the processes of aging. Effective anti-aging effect of mushrooms due to the content of a number of antioxidants, reports Bagnet with reference to sites about health.

The material published in Medical News Today talks about the beneficial properties of mushrooms. Experts from the research center of the University of Pennsylvania examined content in Boletus edulis several antioxidants that are crucial for the maintenance of tone and regeneration. Thanks ergothioneine and glutathione every dish is able to literally slow the effects of time on humans. An important factor was the fact that these elements are not able to produced in the body by themselves. Mushrooms, in addition to these substances, anti-aging, contain selenium, good for the immune system, and vitamin D improves the skin and inhibiting oxidative processes at the cellular level. These amino acids are found in vegetables, fruits, but in Boletus edulis their content exceeds 10 times any other product. This helps to avoid not only the influence of age and protects against cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

So, before the analysis of the diet of pensioners in Japan and Singapore showed that those who regularly ate meals of white mushrooms, less prone to dementia. This effect is achieved due to the fact that antioxidants control the level of oxygen active forms, allowing DNA to safeguard the lives of cells, molecules and cell membranes are protected from damage. The body ages due to the accumulation of damaged due to oxidation processes of particles in cells. Substances, preventing the specified process, literally prolong youth.