Called “unkillable” crossovers and SUVs

Назвали «неубиваемые» кроссоверы и внедорожники

In the UK motorists in the study, “Driver Power” of the authoritative magazine Auto Express named the most reliable crossovers and SUVs. There are ten cars, reports “RG”.

Motorists during the isolation took the time to answer questions about his new car, to talk about how good it is and how often it problems arise.

In 10th place was the Mazda CX-5 – with 13.6% of car troubles occurred, and most of them were related to electronics. The reliability index is estimated at 95,52%. Have a Subaru XV this figure is equal 95,66%, with 12.4% of the identified problems – though rare, but quite diverse. The new Toyota RAV4 problems recorded in 11.5% of cases. They all, however, slight.

Next is the Lexus NX with exactly the same result. Owners frequently complained about the flaws of satellite navigation. Meanwhile, the index of reliability of the models is different – 95,71% and 95,74%, respectively. Have a Seat Arona he is 95,88% despite a 12.3% of cars identified during the operation problems. Mostly, they concerned seat belts.

Followed by Toyota CH-R – of 95.95%, while 14.3% of the machines something went wrong. The new Peugeot 3008 received a score 96,09%, though 11.8% of owners reported that this crossover was in some kind of trouble. The three entered the Lexus RX – 96,6% and 9% of the machines with identified faults. The Subaru Outback is the result of 97,24%, while 13.5% of owners complained about the problem that has occurred, mainly on the part of electricians. But the most surprising that was named the most reliable crossover Volvo XC40 (index 98,0%) gave rise to 15.9% of owners complain of any problem.