Camcorder for the penis: the British released the odd gadget

Видеокамера для пениса: британцы выпустили странный гаджет

Julz, the British company introduced a device that performs several functions: supports erection and has a built-in camera, so can still make videos. The latter is called Cock Cam.

Writes CNET, is a silicone ring with a camera that has night vision and Wi-Fi for live broadcasting. The camera can record up to 90 minutes of 1080p video, H. 264 in MP4 format. However, during long exposure, the device may feel warm. Therefore, the manufacturer recommends to discontinue use in such cases.

What is it for? Manufacturers claim that the user can record a video and share it with a partner. In this case, the frames are not stored on the cloud and locally. Therefore, hackers will not be able to access the records.

Видеокамера для пениса: британцы выпустили странный гаджет

Cock Cam you can control with a smartphone

The developers want to give the opportunity to hold a live broadcast in the style FaceTime.

How to work a Cock Cam: video 18+

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