Came Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 – launch trailer and co-op mode included

Вышла Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 - релизный трейлер и кооперативный режим прилагаются

Today released space strategy in the universe of Warhammer 40,000 – Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2. Publisher Focus Home Interactive for this case has published a release trailer for the game, and the developers Tindalos Interactive has shared his future plans saying “in the coming months a great deal of work”.

In the cinematic clip shows an epic battle. We also remind you about the main features entertainment: this is large-scale battles, 12 fractions of Board games, extensive strategic opportunities and three big campaigns over the Imperium, Necrons and tyranids.

In addition, developers have announced that from today the strategy co-op mode. However, the company does not manage it as it should be polished, so cooperative play will be available in “early access”. A full launch of the co-operative for the subject development is expected in March.

In addition, Focus Home Interactive will eventually add to the game elements of competition, new ships and the extra mode is “Brawl”. In the past will give us poupravlyat legendary ships or vast fleets. And in the end, the developers announced the creation of yet another story campaign. All are planning to tell in the near future.

Learn more about the features of the strategy and learn about the balance after the “beta” here. The game can be purchased on Steam for 1 999 rubles.