“Came home without a bra”: the star of “House-2” turned backwards

"Вернулась домой без лифчика": звезда "Дома-2" повертела задом

Member of the scandalous TV project defiant was dancing on the chair.

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Alain Vodonaeva became a guest at the opening bars of Anna Sedokova. As stated by the girl herself, for the event she was going to drive only 15 minutes, but in the end stayed for 2 hours spent in the hot dance.

In a video posted on social networks of ex-member “House-2” it is evident that she decided to stand out from the crowd, climbed on a chair, put his feet on the Desk and defiantly shook their buttocks.

“Music and atmosphere had changed plans. I very rarely seen on the party, it is clear even on my Instagram. But once a year and the stick shoots. And if I shoot, I do it well. Lit. And with this party the first time I came home without a bra and have no idea where it is”

– recognized Vodonaeva.

Also, she noted that alcohol and other stimulants did not drink because it’s tasteless and won’t let her be energetic, beautiful and active.

“I love your perfect skin, your body and your brain working”,

– Alena has revealed his beauty secret.

As can be seen, the rejection of alcohol does not interfere Vodonaevoy incendiary to dance and show sexy body – its hot movements she definitely stood out among all those present.

“Gorgeous woman!” “Don’t shake the booty once a year is a sin”, “Alena You are a goddess, and the evil women are always writing nonsense because of their own complexes”, “With such a figure can do everything!” “Alena just beautiful,”

– appreciated by fans candid dancing.

Negative comments are also missing. Someone noticed that the behavior of Vodonaevoy worthy of “House-2”, and someone reminded about the separation from your husband – he probably is Alena trying to attract attention yet spouse or attracts to its network with a new man. But haters are firmly convinced – Vodonaeva behaves incorrectly.

“PR has little”, “dancing with the “House-2″ has not changed”, “stupid posts under apotres – it’s terrible”, “You are going through a divorce with her husband?”, “What’s in “the House-2 was, and has remained so”, “Decent behavior and sense of self-esteem is not about you, Alain!”,

– criticize subscribers.

Recently it became known that Alain Vodonaeva parted with her husband for two months they don’t live together, but not yet divorced. The cause of the disorder is unknown, the pair were in a relationship a year and a half and has managed to maintain a cordial relationship after a break up.