Came the first details about future Apple processors A14

Появились первые подробности о будущих процессорах Apple A14

The Apple A4 processor, which was introduced in 2010, was built on 45-nanometer technology. However, the “Apple” Corporation has successfully mastered the 7-nanometer process and plans to move to the production of 5-nm chips.

The development of the 5-nm process. As reported 4PDA, according to rumors, already in the beginning of next year, TSMC plans to move to mass production of 5-nm semiconductor with a node size of 5 nm and Apple will become a major customer.

The Corporation intends to 2020 to develop new technology to create a flagship iPhone XIS or iPhone 12.

Whose 5G modem will get a new iPhone? While there is still no information about whose 5G modems will be used in the new iPhone. We will note, earlier media reported about the intention of the company to purchase the Intel business unit that deals with modem direction.

iPhone in 2019. Recall that in this year the market will debut the iPhone XI A13 processor, made for 7-nm process.

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