Camera Leica MP “John Botte” auctioned for 60,000 euros

Фотокамера Leica MP «John Botte» выставлена на аукционе за 60 000 евро

The starting price of the lot is 60 000 euros. It became known that the camera Leica MP “John Botte” will be exhibited at the upcoming auction Leitz Photographica.

Initially, the camera belonged to photographer John Botte, who was known for his photographs of the terrorist attack of September 11. John is a former police officer, so fatal in 2001 he had the opportunity to be on the scene. This explains why almost all the known images of this scene belong to him. It is reported by the Informant Tech with reference to the Leitz Photographica Auction.

The engraving on the camera took two years. Sketches and it is developed by Bott himself. Later master confessed to the photographer that he will never perform the same work again. This makes the auction lot Leica a truly unique piece from the point of view of artistic, aesthetic and editorial heritage. After the hull was finished, the camera spent most of its existence in the Leica Store in Miami.