Campbell was heavier than Lomachenko, both boxers need to lose 5 pounds

Кэмпбелл оказался тяжелее Ломаченко, обоим боксерам надо похудеть на 5 килограмм

30 days before the fight Lomachenko Campbell held the official weigh-in both boxers. The Briton was heavier than Lomachenko.

Lomachenko during the weigh-in showed a weight in kg. 65,32 His opponent weighs in at 66,86 kg. While both fighters are in the lightweight division, and before the fight weighing up to 61.2 kg. And according to the regulations, the weight of the boxers shall not exceed 10% barrier for the 30 days before the fight (67,36 kg).

Soldiers also will have to undergo two mandatory weigh – in 2 weeks before the fight (August 17) and the week (24 August).

The battle Lomachenko – Campbell will officially be held on August 31 in London. At stake the match will stand belts for the WBA, WBO and WBC lightweight champion. The game will take place at The O2 Arena.