“Can cause serious pain”: trump has threatened the European Union

"Можем причинить серьезную боль": Трамп пригрозил Евросоюзу

The American leader Donald trump has warned the EU that his administration can cause “serious enough” economic pain to the EU, if it is not properly to interact with the White house in the trade talks, reports ONLINE.UA with reference to Financial Times.

It should be noted that trump was not the first to complain to the EU because of the difficulties in cooperation on trade issues.

“They did not want to negotiate with the Obama administration, they have not wanted, to be honest. I don’t just blame President Obama, said trump, If they won’t talk to us, we will do what the cost will be quite heavy. We are going to impose tariffs of many of their products.”

Interestingly, the EU conducted lengthy negotiations with the Obama administration on a comprehensive trade agreement, but they were not completed before the end of term Obama.

The trump declares that the US and the EU promised to start trade talks to reduce tariffs on industrial goods, but the negotiations reached an impasse because Washington wants to include the topics agriculture, and this is opposed by Brussels.