Can deodorant cause a deadly disease

Может ли дезодорант вызывать смертельную болезнь

The assertion that deodorant can cause the development of cancer, can be heard quite often. But is it really?

In one of the programs on health, according to Bagnet, a question was raised about the ability of the body to cause cancer. Recently appeared information about what is contained in antiperspirants aluminium salts can be provocateurs of oncological diseases, and Alzheimer’s disease. Reinforces negative attitudes towards deodorants the fact that women who are treated for breast cancer, forbid to use them.

Commenting on this fact, the radiologist Alexander Melnikov has noted: not only during the treatment of breast cancer, but also in conventional MRI do not use antiperspirants.

“Salt of aluminum contained in antiperspirant, is that the same metal. Why use deodorant when MRI cannot be – can be distortions in the resulting images. With regard to radiation therapy in cancer of the breast, axilla enters the zone of exposure. If there is antiperspirant, aluminum powder under beams can cause burns and ulcers. But the rest of the deodorants can be used quite calmly,” – said Melnikov.

Indeed, deodorants from antiperspirants contain aluminium salts or zinc that blocks the sweat glands and not giving a sweat to reach the surface of the skin. These are the ingredients of deodorants are usually suspected ability to cause disease. But, according to the expert, from-for raised hype have conducted a large study, and it did not show a relationship between the use of antiperspirants and Alzheimer’s disease.

Also found confirmation of the view that deodorants, antiperspirants can cause cancer, particularly breast cancer. It turned out that the number of penetrating into the body of aluminum salts from antiperspirants is negligible – 0.012%. Serious threat to health, as stated by the researchers, it is not.