Can I be fined for driving on summer tires in the winter

Могут ли оштрафовать за езду на летней резине зимой

In Europe drivers prescribe large fines in the event of a drive in winter on summer tires. In Ukraine responsibility for driving on summer tires in winter or autumn, when the street minus, no. Although this attempt to punish unscrupulous drivers were in 2016. Then in the Verkhovna Rada registered the bill, which included a ban on the operation of the cars on summer tires in the period from 1 November to 1 April. Drivers-violators proposed to fine in the amount of 340 UAH. But the document was never approved.

Last year, when in Kiev from-for deteriorations of weather conditions and snowfall for the day, there were five hundred accidents because drivers are not “pereobuli” their cars, parliamentarians recalled the bill.

According to the acting representative of the office of the police patrol in the area of Catherine Basalyga, the driver is obliged to objectively assess the traffic situation and to take care of safety – both their own and other road users.

“There is no responsibility, these issues are regulated by the rules of the road and are purely Advisory in nature”, – said Ekaterina Basalyga.

In particular, the SDA States that “winter tires are specially designed for use in cold time of the year when temperatures are below +7. The rubber compound is designed in such a way that at low temperatures, retains its elasticity, and therefore, ensures shorter braking distances on snowy and slippery roads. Summer but provide reliable coupling of wheels with asphalt. All season tires are not prohibited, but “vsesezonka” not so elastic as winter tires.

Besides, summer tires are not designed for use at low temperatures. The braking distance of the machine in unsuitable for winter driving tire increases several times, on slippery roads the wheels spin, the car does not obey the helm. “Shoed” a car experts advise before the snow falls. This is best done when the street plus 5-7 degrees. After a while and lower the temperature of summer tires loses its effectiveness.