Can I get under the air conditioner – the answer scientists

Можно ли заболеть под кондиционером - ответ ученых

Already, many employees went to work in offices, and in the summer it usually flare up scandals about the use of air conditioning.

Some workers want to work, and some strongly against. Second your opinion motivated by the fact that due to the cold air stream can they catch a cold.

In this regard, “Country” answers one of the most controversial office (and home) questions: can I get cold under the air conditioner?

If the answer to this question briefly: no, rather not catch a cold than you. Below will explain.

The most common viruses that cause colds, feel better with low humidity. Air conditioning also contributes to drying of the mucous membranes of the nose and mouth. In this regard, the probability of a cold is really a little higher.

If parallel to the conditioning work with a humidifier in the room regularly damp cleaning, the chances to catch a cold when the air conditioner is not higher than when switched off.

Research scientists say that people who have a lot of time working with the air conditioner on, often complain about ear, throat and nose to the consultation. At the same time not yet fully explored the relationship of these people with allergies. After all, air conditioning for cooling work just during periods of active flowering plants. Why some people can take for colds, seasonal allergies, experts suggest.

Scientists say that the main and really serious danger of conditioning – fungi and bacteria. They can accumulate in the case that air cleaned often enough. So employees fairly can ask the employer to order the cleaning of the air conditioner before the summer season – this will be enough to work safely and without worrying that it appeared to the fungi.

Supporters of the conditioner sometimes difficult to understand, how can you not want to cool the room and why colleagues want to sit, like in the bath. In fact, some not hot, and really comfortable without air cooling. The reason is that each person has their own temperature. It depends on many factors: body mass, health status, and specifically vessels, the climate in which people grew up and more.

Anyway, the optimal summer temperature in the working space is considered to be +20-22 degrees. Valid – not less than +18. Researchers are advised to balance the temperature in this range. And everyone – fans and colder, and hotter – you need to adapt to such a middle ground.