Can in the evening eat fruit?

Можно ли вечером есть фрукты?

Eating raw fruit in the late evening can cause sleep problems, digestive problems, weight gain. If you afford the fruit in the evening, it should be done correctly to avoid probable troubles, writes portal

Although raw fruits are good for health and help you lose weight, many nutritionists caution against their use in the evening, especially late. Bloating, difficulty falling asleep – these and other health problems can be a consequence of the fact that shortly before the dream was eaten fruits, or what they were used throughout the evening.

Cause of night heartburn. If you have a sensitive stomach, it is eaten in the evening pineapple or Apple can cause nighttime heartburn. Heartburn, gastric acid released from the stomach and enters the esophagus. This is facilitated by the use of sour foods including fruits.

Roam and prevent sleep. Large amounts of fructose contained in fruits provides the body fast energy. Day is good, but in the evening and especially at night the body needs rest, not a burst of energy. If the fruit was eaten in the evening and the body is forced to digest at night, it is likely to lead to insomnia. In addition, often the fruit is not digested until the end of the evening remain in the colon, causing fermentation and bloating, exacerbated by sleep problems.

Can lead to an increase in fat. Large amounts of fructose, which contain fruit, is metabolized in the liver: this organ converts fructose into useful energy. If we consume more fructose than the body needs, carbohydrates are converted into fat, and back into our blood or accumulate in the cells.

If the evening consumed a lot of sweet fruits such as bananas, grapes or mango, it may happen that the body can’t convert fructose to be absorbed with the energy – instead it is the accumulation of body fat.

Insidious fiber. One of the important benefits this food can be high in soluble fibers that swell in the gut, serve as food for beneficial bacteria and provide a sense of satiety for a long time. Thus, the fruits and vegetables that help with weight loss.

But such a useful fiber in fruits and vegetables also has a dark side: it is favorable for fermentation processes. Serving food to intestinal bacteria fiber promotes enhanced production of gases as a byproduct. As a result, after fruits and vegetables, some people have flatulence.

According to experts, exercise can help digestion ballast substances, but, unfortunately, for many people physical activity is to ensure that they move from the kitchen to the couch. So eating fruit in the evening can cause an unpleasant feeling of satiety, flatulence and insomnia.

As it is better to eat in the evening raw fruits and vegetables? If digestion allows you to eat a salad tonight, fat can help to better digest raw vegetables – it is recommended the use of olive or linseed oils.

But the correct way to eat a salad of raw vegetables for lunch and in the evening to cook steamed vegetables.

If we talk about fruits, it is better to abandon the use of sweet, they should choose fruits with low sugar content. Sweet fruits same bananas, more correctly is in the morning such as porridge.