Can never have enough memory: a review of the 5 best external hard drives Transcend

Памяти много не бывает: обзор 5 лучших внешних винчестеров Transcend

Confident PC users are of the opinion that the operation of PC and laptop will be much more comfortable when you use good external hard drive.

Usually, choosing a good hard drive is based on its capabilities and technical properties. In the process of finding the best model, users pay attention to the capacity, data transfer speed, size, price and reputation of the manufacturer. One of the most popular developers of portable screws recognized as Transcend. Buy external hard drives Transend in Moyo.

TOP 5 best hard drives from the manufacturer

StoreJet 2.5 USB 3.1 Gen 1 4TB (from the series H, Blue)

Model in a stylish package, suitable for operation even in extreme conditions. Dressed in a powerful three-part case, he is not afraid of bumps or other impacts of a mechanical nature. USB 3.1 delivers lightning-fast data transfer speed and 4 TB of memory is enough to store large amounts of data.

2.5″ USB 3.1 StoreJet 2TB (White line 200)

Hard drive is designed for the development of “Apple Corporation” – Mac computers. “Weightless” aluminum body makes Winchester an ergonomic and comfortable to use. Data transfer rate – 5 Gbps, while the capacity of the average disk – 2 TB.

2.5″ USB 3.0 Iron Gray 2TB StoreJet Slim

Another hard drive, made by advanced three-stage technology. The protective properties of the model combined with high speed of information exchange. And the internal mechanism of the backlight makes it quite stylish.

2.5″USB3.0 A StoreJet 2TB White

Another screw in the form factor 2.5″ for use with desktop PCs and laptops. Due to its small size is easy to transport and can be used during trips. Connects to PC traditionally via a USB interface (3.0).

2.5″ USB3.1 Type-C StoreJet

Winchester from M in the basic kit which includes a USB cable of type-C is designed for connection to innovative devices. It refers to a category is protected, so it’s perfect for active use. The amount of drive is 1 TB. This amount of memory is enough, for example, to store documents from office programs, photographs, and other multimedia files.

Company Transend produces external screws of different form factor and volume. What to opt for memory expansion own PC – you just choose.