Canada beat the USA, Russia scored 7 goals the champion of the world: the results of matches of world Cup hockey

Канада обыграла США, Россия забросила 7 шайб чемпиону мира: результаты матчей ЧМ по хоккею

On the world hockey championship was held the last matches in the group stage. In one of them, Canada played USA in the other Russia opposed the current world Champions – the national team of Sweden.

Canada – USA 3:0 (2:0, 1:0, 0:0)

Canada in case of victory he headed the group A. the US had to win to climb to higher positions in the standings and not to fall on Russia. To win the match failed Canadians. They scored three goals in the gate rivals, not missing a single one.

Sweden – Russia 4:7 (1:0, 0:6, 3:1)

Decisive in the match between the current world champion (Sweden) and the main contender for victory in this tournament (Russia) became the second period. It was then that the Russians managed to score six goals. The teams played in equal structures.

Before breaking into the first period, the Swedes scored one goal. Another three in the third period. In the last 20 minutes Russia also scored one accurate throw.

So that Russia was the only team that has not lost a single match in the group stage. She won group B in the quarterfinals and will play against the USA.