Canada defeated the Czech Republic and reached the final of the ice hockey world championship: video

Канада разгромила Чехию и вышла в финал чемпионата мира по хоккею: видео

The second finalist of the world championship on hockey was a team Canada. She had no special problems in the match against Czech Republic.

Canada – Czech Republic 5:1 (1:0, 2:0, 2:1)

Both teams came out of the game, knowing that the final sensationally broke the national team of Finland. She defeated the favorite of the tournament the team of Russia.

Team Canada to its exit in the ending owes a lot to goalkeeper Matt Murray. The Czechs did 41 shots on his goal, and only one of them reached the goal. But Canadians are 30 times punched on goal team Czech Republic. When in their gates flew third goal, Patrick Bartosek replaced Paul Francos in the second period. But he missed twice.

All that was granted the Czechs – one goals in six minutes to end the match.

The ending of the match was marked by the fact that the two teams while playing in the minority. In the third period at 15:35 deleted Dubois and Rupika, and then on 18:13 – McCann and yashkina.

So team Canada will play in the final against team Finland. Czech Republic will compete with Russia for third place. Both matches will be held on Sunday, may 26.