Canada opened the vacancy of taster drugs – 24 Channel

У Канаді відкрили вакансію дегустатора наркотиків - 24 Канал

The canadian company AHLOT (A Higher Level Of Thought) of Toronto has announced jobs of professional cannabis taster.

This is the BBC.

The employee will enter the unit to assess the quality of cannabis from different manufacturers. Salary – $ 50 per hour, but you can work no more than 12 hours per month

The main requirement is”selfless interest in cannabis and the ability to distinguish the subtle properties of various products.”

Taster, except for the filling of internal reports about products, will have to share his impressions about them in social networks. The company said that their job can scarcely be the basic salary, as each week at this job need to spend one to three hours time.

According to the Agency, the company is looking for the experienced user of cannabis, as in the application for the vacancy are invited to answer such questions, the answers to which ordinary people do not know.

The position is open only for residents of Canada.

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