Canadian politicians joined the celebration of the embroidery

Канадские политики присоединились к празднованию Дня вышиванки

Canada’s largest opposition political party – the Conservative party – said the Day of embroidery.

About this Twitter wrote the leader of the Conservative party Andrew Scheer.

“Today, Canadians of Ukrainian origin, and Ukrainians around the world celebrate the Day of embroidery. They wear your favorite embroidered shirts and remember their ancestry and history. On behalf of the canadian conservatives want to extend my best greetings to all those celebrating!”, noted Shire.

As you know, every year in Ukraine on the third Thursday of may is celebrated the Day of embroidery.

The festival began in 2006 on the initiative at the time of a student of Chernivtsi University. Fedkovych, Lesya Voronyuk.

2014 action went beyond the circle of conscious Ukrainian students and the Ukrainian border, becoming a worldwide national holiday.

Today embroidery is celebrated in more than 50 countries.