Canalys: leaders in smart audio devices in the 1st quarter 2020 – Apple, Samsung and Redmi

Canalys: лидеры умных аудио-устройств в 1-м квартале 2020 года - Apple, Samsung и Redmi

Canalys summed up the results of the study of the world market of smart audio devices in the first quarter of 2020. This includes dannie smart speakers the wireless headphones with voice assistants.

For the first quarter globally were sold 96.2 million devices in the designated categories. While products for smart homes accounted for about 21 % of the total volume of the market in personal electronic gadgets – 79 %.

Delivery is completely wireless in-ear headphones are rapidly growing. Their sales rose at an annual rate of 86 % to 43.8 million units. At the end of this year in General, as expected, shipments of such devices will exceed 200 million units.

The largest player in the market of wireless headphones fully submersible type is Apple with a share of 41.4 % in the first quarter of this year. In second place is Samsung with a score of 10.3% and Redmi rounded out the top three with 7 %.