Cancel the output on Saturday: the Cabinet of Smugala struck by the decision on the first day

Отмена выходного в субботу: Кабмин Шмыгаля поразил решением в первый же день

The new Cabinet is the first thing withdrew from Parliament the draft new labour code, which caused the Ukrainians have a lot of questions

The law withdrew on March 4. The document was intended to amend the approved in 1971 “Code of labor laws”.

Initiated the development of a new labour code was dismissed the Cabinet of Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk. The bill was submitted in December 2019.

With the active support of the law was made by the former Minister of Economics Tymofiy mylovanov, who claimed that the new labour code is intended to bring the employment relationship in the legal plane.

However, many of the items on the document raised questions among Ukrainians. In particular, the document was a paragraph on the transition of Ukraine to a six-day working week. Thus, the Sabbath had officially become a work day.

The main changes in the new labour code:

– 30 vacation days per year instead of 24;

– The working week is increased to 6 working days (decided by the employer);

– Ability to fire employees from companies without explanation;

– The absence of labor books.

Previously, we wrote about the fact that there are nuances of the new law on labour, which may in the future replace the Labour code. In particular, some provisions of the bill has already caused a number of questions from experts and trade Union representatives.

That’s the possibility of different interpretations of the provisions on the dismissal of employees and when the employer can terminate the contract with the employee because of the call to serve in the army.

Moreover, according to the new law the employee can terminate the employment contract on his own initiative, but he must warn the authorities for 14 days. If workers ‘ rights are violated, then it needs to provide relevant evidence, and the employer will have to pay compensation (at least 50 average daily wage).

With regard to the dismissal of employees, the employer can do it also on their own initiative and is obliged to pay compensation.

Moreover, the employee can be fired without its consent immediately and without notice by paying him compensation of not less than double the average daily earnings for each working day reduction notice period.