Cancer can self-destruct: scientists made a sensational discovery

Рак может самоуничтожаться: ученые сделали сенсационное открытие

Scientists from the Institute of biological research John Salka in California and the German University of Heidelberg concluded that autophagy is able to destroy unhealthy cells before they become cancerous.

Scientists in the experiment “turned off” autophagy in precancerous cells of the subject. It turned out that they continued to divide and cause disease. They explained, at the moment when the telomeres (parts of chromosomes that serve a protective function and to keep them from merging) be as short as possible, cells normally have to stop to share. If not, there are malignant processes, the site says “Letter”.

It is noted that thanks to autophagy, cells rid of all fulfill its role as the older components. Scientists came to the conclusion that this mechanism actually contributes to cell death in pre-cancerous condition, thus preventing the formation of malignant tumors. Autophagy – (translated from Greek literally means “self-blame”) – is a natural, the adjustable mechanism of the cell, which parses unnecessary or unhealthy ingredients.