Cancer is not a sentence: Ukrainian surgeons, applying know-how, successfully performed surgery to remove the tumor on the 4th stage

Рак - не приговор: украинские хирурги, применив ноу-хау, успешно провели операцию по удалению опухоли на 4-й стадии

Ukrainian surgeons conducted a successful operation to remove a cancerous tumor. How did you find the reporters about it it is reported on the page of the Endocrine surgery unit of the hospital Mechnikov (Dnipro) on Facebook.

In particular, it is noted that the doctors in the river surgery gave the chance for a full recovery for the patient suffering from thyroid cancer in the fourth stage. It is noted that the patient had a tumor of three centimeters, as well as a large number of metastases (length from three to six centimeters). The doctors themselves told me that the patient is now successfully recovering. According to them, it is now possible to argue about the possible radicalism of surgery performed. At least, we can speak about the total destruction of macroscopically visible metastases of cancer, and in the case of iadjustment tumor – good prognosis and full recovery of the person.

Carried out the operation, the surgeon told me that earlier in our country, never by surgery did not remove the metastases of the mediastinum, but leave them, and this significantly degrades the effectiveness of the treatment.