Cancer on a plate: this food increases the risk of cancer

Рак на тарелке: эта еда повышает риск онкологии

Improper diet is only one of many risk factors for cancer. But one of the most important. That is, and then resolutely refuse to reduce risk?

Russian oncologist-hematologist, Professor, doctor of medical Sciences Alexander Seryakov told Arguments and facts that food can be found as carcinogens and, conversely, substances which reduce the likelihood of developing cancer.

And to reduce the risk, try to eat properly.

The rating of hazards

Smoked sausage

When smoked release smoke that contains polycyclic hydrocarbons and a number of other harmful substances. Therefore, only 50 g of smoked sausage on the level of carcinogens is equal to a pack of cigarettes.

Processed meats (frankfurters, wieners, ham)

50 g of such products per day for regular use by 18% increase the risk of colon cancer. Experts attributed processed meat to proven carcinogens. Normal red meat has been called a probable carcinogen, it is better not to eat more than 1 time a week.


Here came together several disadvantages: and Smoking, and an abundance of fat and salt. So sprat is better to give the enemy.

Biscuits, wafers and other confectionery

They often contain TRANS fats that cause cancer. It also may be palm oil. Well refined palm oil is good, and the low-quality one injury.

Sweet drinks

There is too much sugar (20 teaspoons per liter) and phosphate (phosphoric acid and destroys bone and is bad for the kidneys). The impact of frequent consumption of such drinks in addition to the high risk of cancer can be hypertension, obesity, allergies, osteoporosis.


Ethanol, laminating in the body, turns into a carcinogen. If you abuse alcohol, the risk will grow.


It is a fried product, which in addition much salt, low quality oils and chemicals.

Sauces (ketchup, mayonnaise)

Their composition also often present carcinogens. In addition, a lot of fat, salt and sugar. Better sauces to cook for myself.


Corn itself is not harmful, but the method of cooking popcorn, in which the oil is heated repeatedly, is not tenable. In addition, the oil often contains flavoring diacetyl, which increases the risk of cancer.