Cancer: scientists have put forward a new theory of the origin of cancer

Онкозаболевания: ученые выдвинули новую теорию происхождения рака

Cancer is one of the most common causes of death. In Ukraine and in Europe in General cancer consistently occupy the second position after cardiovascular diseases in the list of causes of death. According to statistics, over the past 20 years the incidence of cancer in the world increased by a third. It is therefore not surprising that the fight against this terrible disease thrown the best medical minds.

It is believed that cancers are not infectious in nature, and that their people can’t get infected from each other. Accordingly, all of the theory and practice of prevention and treatment from this disease proceeded from this postulate. But as it turned out, scientists came close to another theory of the origin of cancer, says

So, professionals working in the Canadian Institute for advanced research in Ottawa, has put forward an entirely new theory about the nature of cancer. This theory which is still only at the stage of hypothesis, is very depressing. Scientists believe that cancer can be contracted from another person. A transmitter of infecting microorganisms can be which a great many lives on the skin of any person, the newspaper reports

The human body is home to an enormous array of microorganisms. Each of us is inhabited by a trillion. All the microorganisms living on us and inside us is called the microbiome. Besides bacteria, also fungi and viruses. Now, experts believe that these components of the microbiome can transfer from one person to another not only long-known infectious diseases, but also those, which are not considered infectious. In particular, it relates to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and even cancer.

In General, if their theory is confirmed by practice, that it will be a true revolution in the knowledge of the nature of many diseases, including cancer. And, unfortunately, this revolution will bring us a joyful discoveries.

However, even if so, new insights will be able to ask the scientists a new direction in search of methods of struggle with cancer. And that means that science someday will be able to find a universal cure for this disease.