Canned fish has brought the residents to a hospital bed

Рыбные консервы довели жителей Запорожской области до больничной койки

The inhabitant of Mikhailovka district of the Zaporozhye ate canned food and were taken to the hospital

Meal with homemade canned fish from carp, cooked in the fall of 2018, brought the mother and daughter from the village. Mikhaylovka Mikhailovsky district of Zaporozhye region to a hospital bed. After eating this dish, they were in the intensive care unit of the regional infectious diseases hospital. The diagnosis of botulism.

The condition of the victims when they were in the hospital, it was moderate. They introduced protivobotulinicheskoy serum. Their condition of victims stable.

By the way, last year in the Zaporozhye region registered 11 cases of botulism with 14 victims, 3 of whom died. The cause of the disease was fish both for home and industrial cooking, purchased in the trading network.

Treatment is only the admission to the hospital, the introduction protivobotulinicheskoy serum. Therefore, if the detection characteristic of botulism symptoms should seek medical help.

How to avoid botulism

It should be noted that botulism is not a characteristic clearly pronounced seasonality. However in the summer the incidence of decreases due to lower upotrebleniem of canned food. To protect yourself and loved ones from the disease, you must follow the simple rules.

Jerk, salt, pickled fish at home is not recommended, as it is difficult to provide the necessary sanitary conditions. Don’t buy dried, smoked fish, ham, sausage, ham from private individuals.

To sterilize every kind of canned food it is necessary according to the instructions in the instructions for preparation of canned food at home.

For canning, you must use only fresh ingredients, thorough washing and sterilizing. Before eating canned food (meat, fish, vegetable) it is necessary to heat at a temperature of 100 C for 10-20 minutes. Only under this condition canned.

If canned have Bombay view, swollen, or when you open them you notice a change in odor, color, indicating possible damage, they do not have.