Canned goods, semi-finished products and fast food contribute to obesity are much stronger than homemade food

Консервы, полуфабрикаты и фастфуд способствуют ожирению значительно сильнее домашней еды

Scientists argue that the consumption of canned food, fast food and convenience foods disrupts metabolism and causes a person to absorb more food, thereby increasing the risk of obesity.

American doctors from the National Institute of diabetes Bethesda has published in the journal Cell Metabolism their arguments about why a permanent presence in the diet of canned, packaged and fast food is much stronger than contribute to obesity than home-made or raw food.

“We have ascertained that men who consumed such food received significantly more calories and fat faster,” – said leading specialist of the project Dr. Kevin Hall.

In the experiment scientists involved 20 volunteers, not suffering from obesity and chronic diseases. Within a few weeks, the participants lived in the laboratory, while subjects were divided into GA group – half adhered to a healthy diet, and half ate food only ready-made production. In this case the group after some time changed their diets. Calorie and nutritional value in each of the diets was the same.

As a result, scientists have established that when people switched to semi-finished products, canned food and fast food, they began to consume on average 500 more calories than when adhered to the food with homemade food. Experts believe that this effect may be related to the fact that the structure or the consistency of the finished products makes a person them less to chew faster and swallowed, causing his digestive system is not able to obtain the signals of saturation. As a result, the body receives excess calories which contributes to the rapid obesity.