Canon developed the original cooler for DSLRs

Canon разработала оригинальный кулер для зеркалок

SLR camera can not only take photos but also record video in high definition – but with prolonged use in this mode, they often overheat. Your way of solving this problem was proposed by engineers Canon company has developed a special cooling system for the “whimsical” technology.

New patent Japanese brand describes the original nozzle attached to the EF-RF in place of the lens. The design of the device provides ventilation holes in the top of the adapter and the intake fan at the bottom. According to the document, this arrangement can effectively cool the electronics of an SLR camera, even in active use.

The advantage of unusual solutions, is expected to become its versatility – with an adapter it is possible to cool a few cameras at a time, the work provides the standard mount, not the model or size of the body of the camera itself. The anticipated date of the onset of cooler Canon in the sale and their cost, the company said.

Canon разработала оригинальный кулер для зеркалок