Canon rolls out new compact printer Zoemini

Canon выкатывает новый компактный принтер Zoemini

Almost all old stuff now, get your new shell and the functional application of the same, for example, can be said to printed photos that some time ago, it would seem, has sunk into the abyss. However, for the modern generation format Polaroids and printed photos, it regains its charm, partly because most of them never really didn’t work with them before. So Canon decided to take advantage of the situation to launch their version of the mini-printer called Canon Zoemini, which according to its size can be compared to the average smartphone.

Mobile printer is a very unusual concept mobile accessory, because on the one hand it implies mobility, and on the other hand, the commitment to the old technology. Weighing only 160 grams and dimensions of 118 mm x 19 mm, model Canon Zoemini can be laid in any more or less large pocket or simply bag. However, its main feature is the use of special ink technology ZINK. If You are worried about that the traditional concept of printing using ink can damage things or to be potentially a nasty surprise, you don’t have to worry – because ZINK-ink are a special type of digital ink that is placed in a special zone in the model of the mini-printer.

It is expected that users will be able to exactly adjust the accentuation, color and many other factors in these inks. In addition, with this portable photo printer you can create a whole collage and even print great photos.

Canon is preparing its own model Zoemini to the final release in September this year – the fifth number, to be exact. The starting price of the device will be about 139 or Euro 162 USD and the model will be available to users in four colors – white, black, pink and gold. In any of these options the user will get exactly the same functionality, so you can not worry about the potential differentiation capabilities of the printer.

Canon выкатывает новый компактный принтер Zoemini

Canon выкатывает новый компактный принтер Zoemini

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