Canonical claims that the coronavirus will not affect the performance of the company

Canonical заявляет, что коронавирус не повлияет на работу компании

Canonical company engaged in the development and support of projects based on free software, primarily the Linux distribution Ubuntu, announced that the epidemic of the coronavirus will not have a major impact on the activities of the developers. This has been achieved through a number of measures taken in a timely manner.

The report said that currently 100 % of staff working remotely Canonical, and the company can continue to stay in this state indefinitely. Part of the staff previously worked remotely, but after the aggravation of the situation related to the spread of coronavirus, the decision was made to change the working conditions for all professionals.

Initially, with colleagues working remotely, and maintaining a policy of flexible office work, Canonical managed to make the necessary adjustments to slow the spread COVID-19. We provided our colleagues space and time to protect the most vulnerable people. We transferred staff who previously worked in offices, at remote work and appointed mentors for controlling the operation of individual departments, such as Finance, design and marketing“, – stated in the message of the company.

Canonical also States that it prepared for the fact that some of its employees can be infected with a coronavirus, and the company expects that in this scenario, all worker processes will continue to flow normally. “We expect that up to 15% of our colleagues will not be able to do the job for some time, whether it’s infections or care for sick relatives. In this case, all service groups have adjusted work schedules“, the appeal says Canonical. Mark Shuttleworth (Mark Shuttleworth), CEO of Canonical, said that the outbreak of the coronavirus will not affect the release of security updates for supported products.

As for technical support, then working from home the Canonical engineers are distributed around the world. If in any region the atmosphere because of the coronavirus will become critical, then working there colleagues, support specialists Canonical from other countries.