Can’t remember what happened, – the football player of “Dawn” about a terrible injury in the match of the Europa League

Не могу вспомнить, что произошло, – футболист "Зари" о жуткой травме в матче Лиги Европы

Protector of the Dawn Joel Abu Hanna said, he did not remember how got injured in the match against CSKA Sofia in the Europa League.

Sport 24 wrote that Joel Abu Hanna was unable to continue the match of the Europa League against CSKA Sofia. The player left the field in the fourth minute of the match.

I feel OK not good but OK. My head hurts a little. I don’t know what happened. I can’t remember. Was in the hospital, everything is fine. Tomorrow I will again do an MRI, then everything will be clear
– the words of Joel Abu Hanna’s Football Hub.

Referee Amaury Delerue immediately stopped the game and player of the Ukrainian team unconscious was left lying on the field.

After the referee still stopped the game, to Joel ran the football players and doctors. German couldn’t stand up. After some time, the midfielder carried on a stretcher.

As you know, Lugansk “dawn” in the third qualifying round beat CSKA Sofia (0:0, 1:0).