CAO obtained from Iran official reports of the crash of the Ukrainian aircraft

IКАО получила от Ирана официальное сообщение о крушении украинского самолета

On January 9 in accordance with the provisions of Annex 13 of the Chicago Convention “the Investigation of aviation accidents and incidents” international civil aviation organization has received from the Islamic Republic of Iran official notification and preliminary incident report concerning the crash of flight PS752 Ukraine International Airlines near Tehran.

CAO again urged not to resort to speculation regarding the possible causes of this incident, pending an opportunity to complete the investigation and will not be confirmed by the official results.

Usually CO not involved in the investigation of accidents, with the exception of cases where the state or States having due authority in accordance with Annex 13 “aircraft accident and incident” that directly appeal to her for assistance. In these exceptional cases, the assistance of CO usually involves assuming the role of the official observer and/or clarify the technical requirements of Annex 13 on request. In this case, the organization is ready to assist in the investigation, in the event of receipt of the request.

CAO, a specialized Agency of the United Nations, was created in 1944 to promote the safe and orderly development of international civil aviation throughout the world. Along with the many other priorities it sets standards and regulations necessary for aviation safety, security, efficiency, capacity and environmental protection. The organization serves as the forum for cooperation in all fields of civil aviation among its 193 member States.