Capital auditors found violations in public procurement is about 3 billion UAH

Столичные аудиторы нашли нарушений при госзакупках почти на 3 млрд грн

The most common violation – negotiations in the absence of grounds.

During the first half of 2020 Kyiv auditors identified irregularities in procurement procedures with a total cost of over 2.8 billion hryvnas, reported the State audit service. According to the results of state control in the sphere of public procurement professionals North of the office has monitored the 354 procedures for the procurement of goods, works and services with a total expected value of 4.5 billion UAH.

“In 74% of cases (262 controls) revealed violations of the law in public procurement when the clients procurement procedures with a total value of more than 2.8 billion UAH”, – say the auditors.

The results of monitoring of procurement procedures failed to prevent the costs of procurement proceedings carried out in violation of the law, in the amount 428,7 million UAH, of which canceled 30 procurement total anticipated cost of 246,5 million UAH, and terminated 28 contracts totaling 182,2 mln.

Among the most common violations of conduct negotiated procedure in the absence of specific legislation grounds, neumana by the customer of the bid that did not conform with the tender documents, or unjustified deviations the most economically advantageous bids.

Recall that in mid-July, the chamber has identified in the work of the national Commission, carrying out state regulation in the sphere of communication and Informatization, “a number of risks and shortcomings”. The results of the audit of the Telecom regulator received a “conditionally positive” evaluation of their activities.