Captain Dynamo wrote a letter to the captives, Ukrainian sailors

Капитан "Динамо" написал письмо пленным украинским морякам

Captain of Kiev “Dynamo” Sergei sydorchuk, on behalf of the entire team turned to the captive Ukrainian sailors, who illegally held in Russia.

Sydorchuk joined the action “Write to our” that began with Osman Pasha, Omer, Layla and Natalya krasnenkova.

“Guys, I want to Express my sincere gratitude for your service, and say that you will find all of our extended Ukrainian family. You are the power. You are an example of fortitude.

Your courage, honor, bravery, courage and faith is something that will have a huge footprint, which will give example to the younger generation. I know this is a difficult time. As you know, in a moment of despair begins to blow a fair wind.

I wish and believe that the day of the meeting on our native land will come very soon. Shake hands with each of you. With great respect to you – the whole team of “Dynamo,” wrote Sidorchuk.

Today’s letter will give to Moscow.

Note that the action of one of the first who responded the Shakhtar goalkeeper Andriy Pyatov.

As the Ukrainian sailors were Russian prisoners of war?
25 Nov 2018 in the area of the Kerch Strait border the Russian ship rammed the tug of the Ukrainian military. This tug was one of three Ukrainian military vehicles, which were legally sent from the port of Odessa to the port in Mariupol. Russia said that Ukrainian ships allegedly improperly included in the temporarily closed waters of the territorial sea of the Russian Federation and was heading to the Kerch Strait.

After the attack Ukrainian ships continued to go to Mariupol, but when you exit the Kerch Strait border court of the Russian Federation opened fire at the Ukrainian courts. In consequence of which 6 Ukrainian sailors were injured.

In General, Russia seized 2 Ukrainian ship and captured 24 Ukrainian sailors. They were later arrested in the occupied Crimea and taken to Moscow prison. All Ukrainian sailors told investigators in Russia are prisoners of war.