Captive under Krasnogorovka of action will be judged

Плененного под Красногоровкой боевика будут судить

Fought in the ranks of “DNR” the man from Druzhkivka to sit in jail for 15 years.

Completed pre-trial investigation in the criminal proceedings against the member the Pro-Russian illegal armed groups of the terrorist organization “DNR”. 29-year-old man accused of committing a crime under part 1 article 258-3 of the criminal code of Ukraine, i.e. the participation in a terrorist organization.

Pre-trial investigation found that in July 2014, inhabitant druzhkovki after undergoing special combat training carried the “service” at the checkpoint terrorists, located in occupied Gorlovka, and also took part in the protection of places of location of military equipment and carried out shelling of positions of Armed forces of Ukraine with “Grad” and “Carnation”.

In particular, in 2015, he carried out combat tasks, being first in the 2 infantry battalion, located in Enakievo, and subsequently, acting senior gunner mortar composed of one mechanized infantry brigades of the so-called “DNR” in the area of Uglegorsk.

January 27, 2020, during clashes DRG terrorists with the forces of the APU in the area of Krasnogorovka gunman was captured. He received a mine-explosive injuries, but he just received medical treatment.

Now the indictment is sent to court. The sanction of article prescribes punishment in the form of imprisonment for the term from 8 till 15 years.