Car of the year Japan finally “Japanese”

Автомобиль года в Японии - наконец-то «японец»

In the land of the rising sun summed up the results of local competition “Car of the year” (Car of The Year Japan) 2019-2020 season. The main award went to the Toyota, which last won ten years ago.

The competition for the title of “the best” vehicle in Japan from 1980, the jury included local journalists and auto experts (as in the past year, in their 60). In Car of The Year Japan involved the new machine appeared in the Country of the rising sun for the last year (from 1 November 2018 to 31 October 2019), their sales should exceed 500 units. In the season of 2019-2020 for the award fought 35 models, 13 of whom were Japanese brands. In November announced the top ten finalists – this list includes 6 “Japanese”. And today named the winner: car of the year in Japan was the Toyota RAV4 crossover. Recall that in 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 seasons the main award went to Volvo – the XC60 SUV and XC40, respectively.

For Toyota this is the eighth victory, but in recent times the title of “Car of the year” she was awarded ten years ago, then won the Prius. In a release on the current contest, it is noted that the new RAV4 recognized by the jury for the best choice of the three types of all-wheel drive, large trunk and comfort.

The results of the Car of the Year Japan 2019-2020

Toyota RAV4 – 436 points

Mazda 3 – 328 points

BMW 3 Series – 290 points

Toyota Corolla – 118 points

I Jaguar-Pace – 109 points

Jeep Wrangler – 56 points

Honda N-WGN – 54 points

Mercedes-Benz A-Class – 53 points

Nissan Dayz/Mitsubishi eK – 35 points

Daihatsu Tanto – 21 points

Also named winners in four categories. The best imported car recognized the BMW 3-Series for dynamics, safety and comfort again. The most innovative was the Nissan Skyline sedan, the Infiniti Q50 is a Nissan’s emblems: the title “cityradio” was awarded for the autopilot ProPilot 2.0 running on the road and keeping hands on the wheel (though with important reservations – for example, the driver is obliged to look at the road, watching over the cabin Luggage).

The most emotional car was named Jeep Wrangler (including, for the image of the SUV). And finally, among kei cars won family of Nissan Dayz/Mitsubishi eK – the jury liked the maneuverability and safety of the “kids”.