Car sales in the Chinese market growing for the fourth month in a row

Продажи автомобилей на китайском авторынке растут уже четвертый месяц подряд

In July, the growth of car sales in China by 16% compared to the same period of 2019-th year. This is the fourth month of the growing realization amid coronavirus.

According to CAAM, in July in China were sold of 2.11 million vehicles – this shows considerable growth. However, the annual range is still a decline in sales by 13%. Sales of commercial vehicles increased by 59%, in the first place due to the increase in government investment in this area, as well as stricter requirements for CO2 emissions of cars. Passenger transport showed a positive trend – increase in sales by 8.5%.

It is expected that the overall result for the 2020th year of the slump in car sales will be at around 10% compared to the same period last year. Of course, this decline is associated with a pandemic coronavirus. And if there will be a second wave of infections, the decline may increase to 20%.

An encouraging sign for companies that have invested a lot of money into the development of electric cars – long slump in car sales for renewable energy of 12 consecutive months, rising by 19%, to 98 thousand units.

“Sales growth shows that producers and buyers NEV used to the new norm after last year, the government cut the subsidies,” said Xu Haidong, a senior representative of CAAM.

The American with Chinese enterprises in Shanghai which began to go electric cars, has become a vivid example of how in such a difficult situation in the world, you can increase the monthly sales, especially in China. According to China Association of passenger vehicles (PCA) in July, Tesla has managed to implement 11 014 instances on electric, allowing it to maintain a leading position in sales of this segment in China.

But the problem is not solved. The economy is still in recession, and the latest technology in the field of electric vehicles will encourage potential customers to defer the purchase decision until until you see more of these models. The GDP of China grew by 3.2% in three months.

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