Cardi B took off his wig in the middle of the concert: funny video

Cardi B сняла парик посреди концерта: курьезное видео

Popular American rap singer Cardi B once again was embarrassed during his speech. The artist on stage took off his wig and threw it at the fans.

Incendiary rap singer Cardi B is a welcome guest at music festivals, because her performances are waiting for thousands of music lovers. And each time the artist does not fail his fans, showing off a spectacular show. But the embarrassment Cardi B is not insured.

Thus, during the Wireless Festival she danced twerk under his song. In the heat Cardi B dropped from the head of the wig and threw it into the crowd, left in a special hat Nude. Fans of the rap singer, who has received a gift, does not keep emotions and cried out with delight.

After the speech Cardi B has regretted it. The official Twitter page, she posted a funny video from the concert and asked the fans to return an expensive wig. However, netizens assumed that everyone would like to get an original souvenir from Cardi B, because a wig could simply break.

This is not the only oddity that occurred with a rap singer. Recently, Cardi B was the headliner of the popular festival Bonnaroo Arts And Music Festival in Tennessee. During the performance, the artist cracked the jumpsuit, revealing her lush buttocks. The embarrassment forced the artist to stop the show, and within minutes she came on stage in a Bathrobe and underwear.