Cardiac surgeon: the cause of hypertensive crises have increasingly become a panic attack

Кардиохирург: причиной гипертонических кризов все чаще становятся панические атаки

In our days, the cause hypertensive crises are increasingly becoming a panic attack, this was told by a cardiac surgeon Vladimir khoroshev.

Recently, scientists from the United States introduced evidence that an increased risk of stroke and heart attack have the same effect indicators such as “upper” and “lower” pressure – increase their levels, or very significant difference between them contribute to the emergence of vascular pathologies. Commenting on this conclusion the American experts, heart surgeon Vladimir khoroshev said that today the cause of hypertensive crises, which is is characterized by the rise of the indices “upper” and “lower” pressure, are increasingly having a panic attack.

If hypertensive crisis occurs a marked increase in blood pressure, it can be 180/120 mm Hg. article or more. According to the surgeon, the instability pressure is influenced by different factors – it can be as the weather changes, and older age.

“The most common causes of this condition is panic attacks. And hence there are jumps in blood pressure as well,” said the doctor.

Today, some scientists are inclined to consider panic attacks are not as emotional, but as a physical problem, such as pneumonia or diabetes. According to experts, this problem occurs with substantial metabolic

Panic attacks are characterized by the condition, when the body dramatically increases the amount of hormones (adrenaline, epinephrine, glycogen, and other), which causes very unpleasant physical and mental symptoms, promoting a feeling of intense fear and panic. Often, panic attacks are confused with heart attacks – they may have similar symptoms. So, when the attack and during the attack are observed palpitations, pressure in the chest (including burning), a sense of loss of control and impending doom, trembling, chills, heavy sweating. But unlike a heart attack a panic attack can be overcome if you redirect your thoughts to something positive, or by using the breathing technique.

In this regard, continued khoroshev, the Russians need to carefully monitor your blood pressure. The surgeon also noted the importance of sufficient water intake and refraining from drinking soft drinks that harm the heart.