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Кардіо та силові вправи: у чому різниця - 24 Канал

Power and cardio exercises are very good for the body and they differ in the source of energy utilized by the body.

Aerobic exercises or cardio exercises are very good for the heart and blood vessels, because it uses a source of energy as oxygen, passes “Live actively”.

Cardio exercises: Jogging long distance, brisk walking, swimming, Cycling or exercise bikes, aerobics.

The benefits of cardio exercises:
improve the overall stamina of the body;
– prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases;
– help to cleanse the body of toxins.


Strength training is a short intense workout (8-12 seconds), during which the body experiences lack of oxygen, so the exercise is done at the expense of energy reserves in the muscles.

Anaerobic (power) load is: weight lifting, sprinting (30 seconds), lifting a large weight with short approaches, fast overcoming steep climbs, interval training, isometric exercises and any other activity, coupled with rapid and intense physical exertion.

Use strength exercises:
– strengthen the muscles;
– improve the heart and lungs;
– promote the excretion of toxins;
– increase stamina of the body.

Experts recommend combining these types of exercises. It is possible to do within 20 minutes of cardio exercise and within 10 minutes of power. Such exercise is desirable to do at least 5 times a week. How to combine sport with work correctly – read the link.


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