Cardiologist Clyde Yancy called 7 rules for a long life

Врач-кардиолог Клайд Янси назвал 7 правил долгой жизни

Well-known American cardiologist Clyde Yancy has compiled a set of considerations which can ensure longevity.

Clyde Yancy says that the human body is originally programmed for a long life. Reduce generally unhealthy habits.

Specialist called rules, which in his opinion can help celebrate their 90th or 100th birthday.

To be physically active. The doctor advises to increase physical activity exercises such as running, swimming, intensive walking, sports and games. The cardiologist argues that the lack of physical activity deprives a person of 4 years of life. Among sedentary people are several times more likely to develop heart disease or stroke.

To control cholesterol. Too high cholesterol is associated with the appearance in the blood vessels of plaques, increasing the risk of cardiovascular pathologies. The main rule: you can’t let cholesterol rise above the level of 5 units.

To follow the diet. To improve your chances of a long life should be to give up a large quantity of sweets, fast food and soda. According to Clyde Yancy, it is particularly important to consume adequate amounts of dietary fiber, cereals, fresh vegetables and fruits.

To prevent pressure build-up. High blood pressure is often called the “silent killer”. People with hypertension the risk of stroke is 40% higher, and the probability of heart attack by 25%. It is extremely important to monitor the pressure after the age of 45 years.

To refrain from weight gain. The cardiologist recalled that obesity is the main cause of heart disease and stroke, and can reduce the duration of human life for 5 years.

To implement prevention of diabetes. In the case of diabetes significantly increases the probability of problems with blood pressure, blood vessels, heart, circulatory system. It is important to prevent obesity, because it is one of the decisive factors in the development of this disease.

To give up Smoking. Globally, Smoking is the second most important factor of death after hypertension – it kills not only smokers who are prone to diseases of the respiratory system and lung cancer, but people who are surrounded by consumers of tobacco and suffer from passive Smoking. Doctor Clyde Yancy said after 15 years without Smoking, the risk of premature death for an ex-smoker becomes the same as for Smoking man.

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