Carmaker Shelby is preparing a improved model of the sports car Shelby GT500SE

Автоконцерн Shelby готовит улучшенную модель спорткара Shelby GT500SE

American automobile company Shelby is a very unusual company as it utilizes its core unconventional training methods to market their releases. Today the company leadership suddenly informed all lovers and fans of fast and fancy sports cars on their new release, improved version of a sport car Shelby GT500SE, which will take place during the fall of this year. This model represents a rather unusual processing standard GT500, but with some quite exclusive features and suggestions for those who are interested in buying.

Most notably increased by 40 horsepower, the total power of the engine V-8 5.2 liter – the engine at its core has remained unchanged, but was improved in a special way in order to offer users an even higher level of efficiency on the road. In addition, the engineering team Shelby additionally cut 30 pounds from the original weight of the vehicle due to the failure of some of the more bulky and not quite suitable additional suspension systems of type, with the result that the model was indeed more rapid, reliable and lightweight.

Shelby GT500SE, however, fully lives up to its title of exclusive models, but because the American automaker has said it will release no more than 100 units of this car every year, with a starting price of 100 thousand dollars. Thus, this model becomes one of the most significant and interesting in terms of the acquisition on the part of potential collectors.

On the other hand, the company Shelby, in principle, can change the approach to organization and preparation of such vehicles, as the company often talked about the fact that it intends to change the format and its strategy in relation to the proper distribution priorities for different automotive areas – especially given the fact that soon she is going to open a new manufacturing plant in Milwaukee, USA.

Автоконцерн Shelby готовит улучшенную модель спорткара Shelby GT500SE

Автоконцерн Shelby готовит улучшенную модель спорткара Shelby GT500SE


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