Carmen died Argenziano – star of films “the Godfather” and “Dr. house”

Умер Кармен Аргензиано – звезда фильмов "Крестный отец" и "Доктор Хаус"

American actor Carmen Argenziano died at the age of 75 in Los Angeles. Although the death occurred more February 10, it became known only now, three days later. The cause of death is not known.

On the death of the actor told the talent Agency Talent Event Horizon, reports Variety.

Although Carmen was our client, he was also our good friend. He was a great guy and a consummate gentleman on events to which he was invited, as well as a caring and generous man
– said in a statement.

Biography of the actor

Carmen Argenziano was born 27 October 1943 in Sharon, Pennsylvania. The guy grew up in a family of restaurateurs. Already in the late 1960s, he first appeared on television and since then has actively worked on his career. The late actor starred in more than 100 films and television series. Loyal fans Carmena most know him for his roles in the movies “Stargate: SG-1”, “Godfather 2”, “Accused”, “house MD” (doctor, Henry Dobson), etc.

Умер Кармен Аргензиано – звезда фильмов "Крестный отец" и "Доктор Хаус"

Carmen Argenziano in the TV series “house MD” season 4 (second from right) / Getty Images

Carmen Argenziano was a member of a member of “the actors Studio of life” and one even was awarded in Los Angeles the award for performing the part of Jack Delsante in the film Thomas Baby “Prayer for my daughter”. The actor left three children – two sons and a stepdaughter.