“Carpathians” in the most Doge “Volyn” and has maintained residence in the Premier League

"Карпаты" в большинстве дожали "Волынь" и сохранили прописку в УПЛ

Lviv “Karpaty” in a dramatic match in Lutsk defeated “Volyn” for the right to play in the Premier League of Ukraine.

Volyn – Karpaty 1:3
Kozhanov, 42 – Klotz, 37, Ponda, 82 (pen.), Miroshnichenko, 90+5
Removal: Siminin, 70 (Volyn)

After the first match in Lviv, which ended in a draw 0:0, the match in Lutsk started more active guests. Already on 5-th minute goal could have scored Clots. The football player of “Karpaty” has dangerously punched from afar, and only a wonderful reaction Nedilko saved “Volyn” from a missed goal. Nedilko pulled the ball from under the crossbar. The start of the match was for the “lions”, but to afflict the goalkeeper “Volyn” failed.

Midway through the half, the crusaders leveled the game and even began to create dangerous moments near gate Kuchinsky. In the 21st minute bartulovic struck from distance and the goalkeeper saved the people of Lviv. Very dangerous in the box, “the Carpathians” was on the 24th minute. The ball darted into the penalty area guests. The voloshinovich could close at the far post, punching rally, but the visitors managed to fight back.

Towards the end of the first half Karpaty scored the first goal in the confrontation. Klotz incredible free kick left no chance to the goalkeeper of FC Volyn – 0:1. But after 5 minutes, the crusaders evened the score. Kozhanov, who once played for “Karpaty”, header locked shed in the penalty area.

After the break Karpaty took the initiative of Volyn and switched to a counterattacking game. The 1:1 was beneficial for Karpaty because they scored an away goal. “Volyn” to go in the Premier League have had to score. The team of Andriy Tlumak aggressively started the second half. Luxury time had the Voloshinovich, but from close range struck the crossbar.

In the 69th minute Karpaty again lucky. Bartulovic wonderful shot hit the crossbar. The Croatian’s shot is not enough several centimetres. A quandary for the owners was 70 minute. Nerves could not stand the team captain Sergei Siminin, which is roughly played against the player “Carpathians”. The referee without hesitation removed the captain of the hosts.

On 82 minute Karpaty scored the second. Clots burst into the penalty area where he was hit by Boldenkov. The referee awarded a penalty, which confidently converted Ponda. Volyn to win did not. And in stoppage time the lions played their third goal. Fat point in the match put Denis Miroshnichenko.

Immediately after that, the field ran a few fans of “Volyn”, which I was trying to beat match. So the judge went to podtribunnogo room. The final whistle of this match and did not hear.

Thus, the “Carpathians” has maintained residence in the Premier League. “Volyn” at least another season will be spent in the First League.