Carriers “in quarantine” faced with the problem of aircraft Parking

Авиаперевозчики "на карантине" сталкиваются с проблемой парковки самолетов

After reducing flights because of lack of space at airports before airlines have a problem in placing aircraft.

The publication reports that “Parking” of aircraft at airports is a very expensive undertaking. So, in a major European hubs, this service can cost up to 285 dollars per hour.

“The material difficulties associated with the landing of thousands of planes complicated the technical requirements for the storage of aircraft”, – the newspaper writes. To ensure that they are stored thus, to return to service in perfect condition when flights will resume.

The service requires draining of the various liquids, the Shrouding of the engine, the protection of the external elements, Windows and tires, along with other tasks specific to each aircraft. If the aircraft is parked and not in service, costs are reduced.

Typically, the airport leases land to companies repositories, which then provide storage services to the end user. However, it happens the other way.

For example, at Copenhagen airport was made the original decision to create new Parking spaces. Two of the three runways of the airport were temporarily withdrawn from service and used to house aircraft together with the taxiway paths. As of 19 March air Harbor of the capital of Denmark served approximately 58 percent fewer takeoffs and landings.

Copenhagen airport (photos by Lauren O’neil)

Also be stored planes can in the former airfields, such as at Pinal Airpark. There average monthly Parking fees are in the range that is segmented by weight classes of aircraft – from 56 to 300 dollars a month.

In Boryspil said that in the moment busy about 70% of the sites, however, their total number did not disclose, referring to secrecy of the information. At the airport of Kiev said that from about 80 Parking places for planes occupied about a third.


The world’s airlines to massively reduce their traffic against the closure of borders in connection with the spread of the coronavirus.

17 March Ukraine stopped international passenger transport, in particular flights , rail and passenger bus service.

Авиаперевозчики "на карантине" сталкиваются с проблемой парковки самолетов

Авиаперевозчики "на карантине" сталкиваются с проблемой парковки самолетов