Cars and motorcycles on petrol and diesel in Amsterdam the way ordered

Автомобилям и мотоциклы на бензине и дизеле в Амстердам путь заказан

The city Council of Amsterdam has banned cars and motorcycles running on gasoline and diesel fuel in 2030 in order to clean the air of the city.

“Pollution is often a silent killer and is one of the greatest threats to health in Amsterdam”, – said the Advisor of urban transport Sharon Dijksma.

The transition plan will begin next year, banning diesel vehicles built before 2005 and the number of prohibited vehicles will be expanded.

Despite the widespread use of bicycles by many Dutch, air pollution in the Netherlands is worse than European rules allow, mainly because of the heavy traffic in the cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

The Ministry of health has warned that the current emission levels of nitrogen dioxide and particles can cause respiratory diseases, and chronic exposure reduces life expectancy more than a year.

Amsterdam has stated that it intends to replace all petrol and diesel vehicles alternative transportation emissions, such as electric and hydrogen cars by the end of the next decade.

The city has stated that they will use subsidies and Parking permits to encourage people to switch to more environmentally friendly transport.