Cars with the highest sales in the world market

Машины с самым высоким уровнем продаж на мировом рынке

The global automotive market is used to sell a considerable number of interesting models of cars.

What are these models?

Ford F-series. The car model with the highest level of sales in the U.S. for over 40 years is the Ford pickup F-series. Manufacture of machinery in various embodiments is performed in 1948, and has a huge popularity among the people living in “single-storey America”. In the back of a large size can be carry bulky items. Since the early 80-ies of the model surpassed all available in the US cars and is an absolute leader in sales. Was no exception and the thirteenth generation of the machine, implemented in 1 074 234 of the vehicle.

As the power plant used V-shaped atmospheric engines with 8 cylinders, whose volume is 5 liters, and power – 385 HP transmission used automatic, with 6 levels, all wheel drive, and the presence of the step-down transfer case.

Dodge Ram 1500. This model of car is on US soil no less popular. The release of this full-size pickup truck is made by Chrysler since 1994. In terms of technical equipment he is absolutely not inferior to the most part, sedans premium.

Cars with the highest sales in the world market, are not available in Russia 5

This model car has already gone through 5 generations. The presentation of the latest of these took place in 2018 at the exhibition in Detroit. Selling model is carried out not only with the leaf springs on the rear suspension, but with rear multi-link option, which allows much better control and enabling better realization of the potential power plants that represent the engine capacity of 305 HP with 3.6 liters. On versions of TOP-grade used eight-cylinder petrol engine volume of 5.7 liters and a power of 395 HP

The Chevrolet Silverado. This model was another unknown for the Russian automotive market. The reason obtain a high degree of gratitude from the Americans became a big motor power and large body. You have three choices of cabins to choose from: single-row Regular Cab, two-row Double Cab and extended Crew Cab. Different can be and the length of the platform for the transport of goods – 2089 or 2496 mm. For the rear side there is a servo.

Trailer weight it can pull is 16.1 ton. Its capacity is 3.4 tons, which is comparable to commercial trucks. But a small body length makes it impossible to carry large loads. As the power plant used engine, 6.6 litre with a capacity of 407 HP and a reinforced six-speed transmission.

Volkswagen Lavida. The second world market in terms of sales is Chinese. In the first place among the cars in this country is held this model in the sedan. The release of the first generation of cars took place in 2008, and the second was released only after 9 years. Power plant machines go only with 4 cylinders, for example, a turbocharged engine capacity of 150 HP and a volume of 1, 4-liter or 1.5-liter atmospheric unit type, the capacity of which is 116 HP