Cartridges for water filters: types and characteristics

Картриджи для фильтров воды: виды и особенности

Different manufacturers offer different filter cartridges. The models differ in appearance, type of filler, functions. To achieve maximum water quality with minimum investment, sufficient in case of replacement of their right to choose.

What are the

Cartridges called filter elements. If they correctly pick the filter and time to change, those will serve belief and truth not one year. Each model of cartridge – specific resource. If not specified, it is recommended to change them every 3-4 months, especially in summer, when the heat and moisture induce the development of pathogenic microorganisms.

Cartridges differ in the shape and the tasks at hand. Choose the form so that it is approached in a specific filter. Tasks have the same products can be different.

Types and features

The cartridge fillers are embedded, each of which is designed to purify water from various impurities:

  • To clean mechanically. Made from a porous material, hold impurities of size up to 50 microns. Are used predominantly as the first stage in the filtration system. Also they are put to prevent the ingress of contaminants in household appliances (water heater, dishwasher) and to minimize the risk of their parts of the deposits. Replacement recommended every 12 months or on demand (when the water pressure drops the goal of the filter).
  • For softening, or magcaisa filter cartridges. They have small pellets made of special resins, which replace the ions of CA and Mg by Na ions, so that the water is softened. So it becomes more suitable for home appliances, because it does not provoke the formation of deposits inside Laundry (not accelerates the ageing process of tissues, such as hard water). For the health of the softness of the water is also useful – it has no particles that contribute to the development of chronic diseases. Interestingly, replacement of this filter element may not be necessary: when the resin becomes saturated with CA and Mg ions, it is regenerated by means of salt. However, this reduces the life of the product.
  • For the removal of iron, or obezzhelezivaniya. Water from wells may have a metallic taste. To remove it, use filter elements with natural fillers: they oxidize the iron, transforming it into forms that are available to filter mechanically.
  • Carbon cartridges. Delay organochlorine substances, pesticides, chemical elements with a size of 0.5–10 microns. Make them out of coal sometimes with the addition of silver (to provide and disinfectant effect).
  • The mineralizer. Perform the mineralization of water that has passed through obratnoosmoticheskiye membrane. Change them usually once a year.
  • Postfilter. Elements filled with coal, which provide the final cleaning, improving the taste, odor of water. Change annually.

Also have cartridges for filters-jugs. They are made on the basis of coal.

Tips for choosing

When buying, you should know what type of cleaning need, what are already filters. It is also important to understand what mikronnost particles cartridge needs to hold or just to consult with specialists.

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