Case closed: with ex-boyfriend Hayden panettiere was cleared of all charges

Дело закрыто: с экс-парня Хейден Панеттьери сняли все обвинения

The scandal surrounding the ex-couple Hayden panettiere and Brian Hickerson came to its end, because the thing about beating a man, his partner suddenly closed. The reason for this was the rejection of the testimony of the Hayden.

The relevant decision was made during a court hearing in Los Angeles on September 26. This was reported on People. The Prosecutor announced the closure of the court case Brian Hickerson and withdrawal of charges of domestic violence.

“The case against Brian Hickerson has been terminated”, – reads the statement of the representative of the district attorney’s office County of Los Angeles. Present at the meeting said that the decision was taken due to lack of evidence and testimony against Brian’s, that is, media reports suggest that the Hayden refused to provide information about the beating incident.

It is known that before the court hearing, the district Prosecutor’s office asked relatives of the actress, as with most Hayden to contact them and failed. Perhaps the reason for the rejection of the testimony was new novel Hayden’s brother and ex-accused – Zack Hickerson.

Дело закрыто: с экс-парня Хейден Панеттьери сняли все обвинения

Hayden panettiere by Brian Hickerson (left) and Hayden with brother Zach (right) / People / In Touch

What is known about the beating of Hayden panettiere?
Ex-boyfriend of actress Brian Hickerson moved in with her in California. There was a terrible beating Hayden on may 2. After resting the pair returned home, however, before the door of the house between the lovers, a conflict broke out, and Bryan Hickerson came on to the girl with his fists. During may-September 2019 the court considered the resonant case of an attack, but relatives at the time, strongly advised the star to stay away from men.

The media said that ex-husband Hayden Vladimir Klitschko had planned a trip to Los Angeles to make sure his ex-lover all right. At the same time, panettiere was recovering from the scandal and refused to communicate with 4-year-old daughter from Klitschko.